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The Village of Kenmore Post Clock project is the first of several projects that are being planned for the Village of Kenmore over the coming years, all of which will include the participation of the community to complete.  The purpose is to improve and upgrade the overall area while keeping true to it’s historical heritage as a village.

The Post Clock, which is to be located on the median between 13th and 14th street in front of the library, and will add a unique element to Kenmore Boulevard – in addition to a visual reminder that…

the time for the Village of Kenmore is NOW.

We are fundraising by engraving quarry tiles that will be used as part of the post clock base. THREE different sizes are available: 4″x 8″ tiles (shown), 8″x 8″ tiles, and 12″x 12″ tiles. Colors will be varied to add texture and personality to the base design. Logos and ClipArt can be added for the nominal cost  of $10. Commemorative replica 4×4″ tiles are available for only $25, which the donor gets to keep.

The City of Akron has included $20,000 in its 2012 capital budget for site preparation, as well as another $7,500 in Neighborhood Development Grant funds for the post clock addition.

The Salt Fund has committed to $10,000 in donation matching funds and the Kenmore Board of Trade has committed $1,000 towards this project.

Our initial fund raising goal is $30,000
Our target deadline is February 28, 2013
Seth Thomas Post Clock

People are invited to vote on the style of post clock by visiting our sister site at ““, viewing each clock, and voting on your favorite! One vote per IP address. Please keep up to date on the progress of the project by visiting our Facebook page at “Village of Kenmore”.

The Kenmore Board of Trade is the escrow agent for your donations.. Please click here for the TILE ORDER FORM. Make ALL CHECKS payable to “KBOT - Post Clock” and they can be dropped off or mailed to:

Boulevard Cats/ Thompson & Bishop Law Offices
c/o Maria Licht

946 Kenmore Boulevard
Village of Kenmore
Akron, OH  44314

If you have any questions, please call Dennis Thompson at the Thompson & Bishop Law Offices at 330-753-6874.

The more we do together to build, the more we will draw to us as a community. Make the Village of Kenmore Proud!

Village of Kenmore Post Clock Foundation Bricks
Please be certain to complete and mail your order form after making your donation.
THANK YOU for your support of the Village of Kenmore and Akron, OH!